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New mobile app aims to make letter writing easier

Lettrs app
The Lettrs app aims to make letter writing easier. Photo: Lettrs

A new mobile app is blurring the line between digital and paper letters.

The Lettrs app allows users to compose messages online and have them transferred to paper and mailed to the recipient.

Prices start at $2. Special features such as scented envelopes and wax seals are available, and all letters are mailed from Collinsville, CT.

Drew Bartkiewicz, who started the company behind Lettrs, said he wants to make it easier for people to communicate through meaningful messages.

“Technology doesn’t have to be the death of letters,” Bartkiewicz told Bloomberg Business.

Lettrs also has a social side that allows users to send digital messages on virtual stationery to recipients who can read them and comment or write back. Users also have the option to send messages privately to other emails.

In a recent review, Yahoo praised Lettrs’ “wonderful concept” but noted the app “can feel a bit laggy.”

Another New York company, Bond, recently started a service that uses robots to pen “handwritten” notes on behalf of its clients.

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