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USPS dazzles cosmetics company with shipping makeover

Sales Success Cosmetics
Strategic Account Manager Vivian Gray

A large online cosmetics company recently needed a shipping makeover to improve customer service and reduce costs.

Major Accounts (Shipping) Sr. Sales Executive Heather Maday and Strategic Account Manager Vivian Gray met with the executives. They learned 85 percent of the firm’s products — usually weighing less than 1 pound — shipped directly to consumers in small boxes.

Maday and Gray determined the company would benefit from Priority Mail Commercial Plus Pricing. They teamed with Washington, DC, Operations Integration Specialist George Olsen and Integration Program Manager Pete Starvaski and Denver, CO, Operations Integration Specialist Toby Rampa to customize a plan for the firm, including a delivery schedule competitors couldn’t match.

The company’s executives liked what they saw. The sale will generate an estimated $6.5 million in Priority Mail revenue for the Postal Service.

“Utilizing internal support teams are crucial in building successful offerings for our customers,” Maday said. “Without their assistance we wouldn’t have brought this business to fruition.”

Added Gray: “Persistence and great relationship building paid off in a big way. Through continued engagement, we were able to align with their major objective of efficient delivery and customer satisfaction.”

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