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USPS updates purchasing policy

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Look for the green leaf icon, which designates environmentally preferred products in eBuy2 catalogs.

A new policy requires Postal Service employees to avoid using products that contain 13 targeted chemicals that can produce hazardous waste.

Sustainability and Supply Management issued the policy, which prohibits cleaners, paints, solvents, pesticides, adhesives and other products that contain the chemicals.

The chemicals are listed in the Postal Bulletin’s Feb. 5 edition.

“Eliminating these chemicals at USPS facilities will help protect employees, the workplace and the environment,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day.

Alternate products that don’t contain the targeted chemicals are available. Employees should use corporate eBuy2 catalogs to purchase the environmentally preferred products, which are identified by a green leaf icon.

Sustainability may, upon request, issue exceptions if no viable alternative product is available.

For information on finding alternative products without targeted chemicals, visit the Green Purchasing site.

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