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Snow job

Northeast employees deliver despite heavy accumulations

Mail crier
Somerville, MA, Letter Carrier Tim Young delivers mail in the snow.

Postal Service employees in the Northeast continue to move the mail despite recent storms that buried the region under mountains of snow.

Worcester, MA, has received more than 7 feet, making it the nation’s snowiest city this winter.

“It makes for a tough delivery,” said Worcester Letter Carrier Michael Karls.

The biggest challenge: parking. Karls moves his LLV about seven times a day — and it’s hard to find safe and available spots amid all the snow.

“You have to find places you know you will be able to get out of,” Albany, NY, Letter Carrier Lyndsay Jackson told Time Warner Cable News last week.

Postal carriers are determined to deliver the mail nonetheless, said Jackson’s supervisor, Geno Degonzague. “They take pride in …getting the job done no matter what.”

Somerville, MA, Letter Carrier Tim Young said customers appreciate carriers’ efforts.

“People seem surprised and happy we’re working,” Young told the Boston Globe. “They shovel and we get through, and it’s like a little reward.”

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