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Cold weather, warm coverage

Press reports praise postal employees’ perseverance

NBC News report
Chicago Letter Carrier Nicole Easter appears in an NBC News report

Postal Service employees are braving frigid temperatures to keep the mail moving this week — and the press is paying attention.

In a Feb. 18 “NBC Nightly News” segment, Chicago Letter Carrier Nicole Easter is shown delivering mail despite the brutal temperatures that are making this the city’s coldest February since 1875.

“It’s a nuisance sometimes trying to maneuver this cart through the snow and ice,” Easter says as she navigates a slick sidewalk.

USPS employees have also been the subject of news reports in the Northeast, where snow accumulation is breaking records, as well as some Southern states, where ice is making travel difficult.

“We drive through it if possible. If we’re not, we’ll actually get out and deliver [the mail],” Richmond, VA, Customer Service Manager Margaret Williams tells WWBT.

The cold has also proven no match for Louisville, KY, Letter Carrier Dennis Marsee, a 30-year USPS veteran who tells WAVE he isn’t bothered by the below-zero wind chills hammering the region.

“I like the challenge of a weather event like this,” Marsee says. “It becomes game time.”

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