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Texas rural carrier alerts family to house fire

Trenton, TX, Rural Carrier Bobby Stegman

Sometimes heroism requires persistence — as Trenton, TX, Rural Carrier Bobby Stegman learned recently.

Stegman was on his route when he noticed a home’s roof was burning. He raced to the front door and told the occupants their house was on fire, but they didn’t believe him.

Family members thought Stegman was seeing chimney smoke coming from their fireplace, so he took them outside to prove the roof was ablaze.

The fire had doubled in size during the time it took Stegman to get the family’s attention.

After calling 911, the family — two adults and two small children — safely escaped. They were able to save a few personal items before the house was completely destroyed.

The household uses a PO Box, but since meeting Stegman, the family is considering adding rural delivery too.

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