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TV station profiles Pennsylvania carrier

Harrisburg, PA, Letter Carrier Dan Liddick appears in a TV news report. Photo: WHP

Harrisburg, PA, Letter Carrier Dan Liddick works in all kinds of weather — and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I like it outside,” Liddick, a 17-year Postal Service veteran, tells WHP-TV in one of the station’s recent “Your Next Job” segments.

The report shows Liddick beginning his morning inside a postal facility casing mail for his route. Next, he loads his vehicle with letters and packages that can weigh as much as 70 pounds and hits the streets.

Carriers such as Liddick can walk as many as 10 miles a day and spend 4-6 hours delivering mail.

Some new employees are surprised by the conditions carriers work in while delivering mail, Liddick says.

“We’ve had new hires say, ‘It’s raining or snowing.’ Yeah, we deliver in the rain and snow,” he says.

Lidduck’s profile can be viewed on YouTube. Some employees may be unable to watch streaming video using postal computers.

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