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Detroit employee generates $250,000 Priority Mail sale

Detroit District Sr. Shipping Sales Executive Roy Wright

A Detroit company that sells violin family instruments recently needed a new shipping service.

Detroit District Sr. Shipping Sales Executive Roy Wright met with the company’s shipping manager about switching to USPS and securing Commercial Plus pricing for its Priority Mail shipments.

Wright learned the company had been in business for more than 50 years — and it wanted to provide a higher level of service to customers.

“When customers buy string instrument bows, many times they’ll order several varieties. They’ll keep the ones they like and return the others,” said Wright.

He suggested the company offer a service that allows customers to return items at no expense — which improves the customer experience and the potential for repeat business.

A company official approved Wright’s proposal, which allowed the business to send return labels with specified shipments, but only pay when the labels were used.

The sale will generate $250,000 in new Priority Mail revenue for the Postal Service.

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