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Moving forward

USPS seeks information for new delivery vehicles

Approximately 180,000 USPS delivery vehicles are slated for replacement with next generation vehicles.

The Postal Service is continuing plans to introduce next generation delivery vehicles that are durable, affordable and better meet changing delivery needs.

The USPS fleet currently has more than 214,000 vehicles, including 180,000 delivery vehicles that are slated for replacement with next generation vehicles. Many of the existing vehicles are LLVs, which have become iconic symbols of the Postal Service.

“These vehicles served us well but they are nearing the end of their useful life. It’s time to move into the future with a new generation of vehicles that will better serve employees and customers alike,” said Delivery Operations VP Ed Phelan.

Last year, USPS asked carriers and other employees for their input on features they feel should be considered for their vehicles. The organization is now seeking information from prospective suppliers.

The Postal Service plans to incorporate the automotive industry’s advances in ergonomics, safety features, fuel efficiency, low emissions and design flexibility in the selected vehicles.

Other desired objectives include added space for parcels, minimized maintenance requirements and a powertrain capable of surviving severe use with a body designed for a 20-year lifespan.

USPS plans to introduce new vehicles in early 2018.

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