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Investing in people

PMG Brennan delivers first video message

Investing in employees will help the Postal Service meet the nation’s changing delivery needs, PMG Megan Brennan says.

“We need to provide you with greater flexibility to resolve problems and improve the way we operate,” Brennan says in her first video message to employees since becoming PMG Feb. 1.

The Postal Service’s priorities include training and development, and doing a better job leveraging employees’ skills and ideas, Brennan says.

Other priorities include investing in data and technology, along with pilot projects to develop new products and services.

Additionally, USPS will repurpose space to support its growing shipping services and invest in new package-sorting equipment and vehicles.

“We need to have a continuous improvement mindset,” Brennan says. “We have to do this to compete for today’s customers — and we have to anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s customers.”

Moving forward also means pursuing new business opportunities, including delivering groceries and other products and expanding same-day and Sunday delivery services.

“I tell everyone that we’re the best delivery company in the world. We are because of you — and we’re going to stay that way,” the PMG says.

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