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Three honored for FOIA assistance

From left, USPS employees Marthea Hodge, William Coutu and Vicky Miles were recently honored with the first Chief FOIA Officer’s Awards.

The Postal Service recently honored three employees for helping fulfill information requests from the news media and other organizations.

Windsor, CT, EEO Compliance Manager William Coutu; Washington, DC, Purchasing and Supply Management Specialist Marthea Hodge; and Dallas Facilities Program Analyst Vicky Miles received the first Chief FOIA Officer’s Awards.

Each honoree received a certificate.

The awards, which will be given quarterly, recognize employees who help ensure Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are resolved in a timely manner. Under the 1966 law, reporters and others can request documents, emails and more from federal agencies.

USPS received more than 2,000 FOIA requests during the most recent fiscal year.

“All employees have an obligation to help the Postal Service comply with FOIA, but these three honorees went above and beyond the call of duty,” said Washington, DC, Associate General Counsel Michael Elston, who serves as chief FOIA officer.

The awards, along with procedural improvements and other changes, are part of a broader effort to strengthen the Postal Service’s response to FOIA requests.

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