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Package powerhouse

USPS now one of the ‘Big 3,’ top industry exec says

USPS has become a “package delivery powerhouse,” according to Entrepreneur magazine.

The Postal Service has “transformed itself from a humble mail carrier to a package delivery powerhouse,” a top mailing industry executive writes in Entrepreneur magazine.

“There’s a tendency to discuss shipping in terms of the Big 2 instead of the Big 3. So I want to set the record straight: Today’s Postal Service is just as capable of package delivery as FedEx and UPS,” writes Harry Whitehouse, chief technology officer for online postage company Endicia.

Whitehouse’s Jan. 22 column praises USPS for improving its package tracking technology and adopting more efficient routing methods.

He also points to competitive pricing: USPS has cut Priority Mail rates and become a lower-cost alternative for lightweight packages since UPS and FedEx began charging based on the size of some packages, regardless of their weight.

In a December survey, 80 percent of businesses said they’ll use the Postal Service for larger, lightweight shipments now that dimensional weight pricing has come into play, Whitehouse writes.

Savvy business owners should “take a closer look” on the Postal Service, he concludes. “If you don’t … you’re leaving money on the table.”

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