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Heart to heart

New Love stamps celebrate enduring symbol of romance

The Forever Hearts stamps are dedicated in Richmond. From left, Virginia Tourism Corp. President and CEO Rita McClenny, Art Director Antonio Alcala, Capital Metro Area VP Kristin Seaver and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Director Alex Nyerges unveil the Love Forever Hearts stamp.

The Postal Service issued this year’s Love stamps Jan. 22 in Richmond, VA.

The two Forever Hearts stamps each feature lacy letters that form the shape of a heart and spell out the word “Forever.” One design has red lettering on a white background; the other is reversed.

“Today, the heart is everywhere,” said Capital Metro VP Kristin Seaver, who dedicated the stamp.

“It can be found in religious art, pop culture, greeting cards and so much more, but the meaning remains the same — love — the universal language of the heart. Our Forever Hearts stamps remind people of the power of everlasting love.”

Forever Hearts stamps can be purchased online, at Post Offices or by calling 800-STAMP24 (800-782-6724). Visit for more information.

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