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Praise for performance

Alabama District employees thanked for customer service

Holiday thanks
Huntsville Letter Carrier John Moore receives recognition from Alabama District Manager Mary Sullivan.

Alabama District Manager Mary Sullivan recently visited Post Offices throughout the state to thank employees for a job well done during the holiday season.

USPS exceeded its projections in December, delivering approximately 524 million packages, up 18 percent from the previous year.

“Our customers had confidence in the Postal Service — and you all came through for them,” Sullivan said.

At Huntsville’s Mastin Lake Station, Sullivan took a moment to recognize Letter Carrier John Moore Jr., whose work delivering packages on Christmas Day was the subject of a TV news report.

After viewing the broadcast, Huntsville customer William Tyson called reporter Lauren Bale to compliment her on the story and get Moore’s contact information.

“This guy was so impressive. He has the best attitude of any postal worker I have ever met,” said Tyson, who sent Moore a card to thank him for his dedication.

Moore has been a Postal Service employee for 31 years, including 29 in the Huntsville area.

Said Sullivan: “John did an outstanding job representing our business by exemplifying all that is behind our postal brand.”

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