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The right track

More online shoppers tracking packages

The Postal Service has given consumers more ways to track packages.

More shoppers are tracking their online purchases, with almost one-quarter checking six times or more to see when their packages will arrive, recent research shows.

Seventy-seven percent of customers track their online orders, up from 68 percent in 2013, according to a study last fall by mailing services company Pitney Bowes Inc.

One-third of consumers check once or twice to see when their packages will be delivered. Another 21 percent track packages three to five times, while 23 percent track them six times or more.

“The ability to track a package in transit supplies the level of responsive service customers have come to expect,” Patrick Brand, a top Pitney Bowes executive, wrote in a recent edition of trade publication Mailing Systems Technology.

The Postal Service emphasizes the importance of scanning packages and other mail so customers can track them.

USPS has also given consumers more ways to track packages. In September, the Postal Service introduced My, an online tool that allows customers to manage and track all their USPS-shipped packages in one place.

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