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Out cold

Employees keep mail moving despite frigid temps

Cold weather wrap
Letter Carrier Deborah Lyons braves the cold weather in Buffalo, NY. Photo: Time Warner Cable News

With frigid temperatures across much of the nation, the Postal Service has been in the news as local media report on employee efforts to move the mail.

Buffalo, NY, Letter Carrier Deborah Lyons, a 19-year postal veteran, told Time Warner Cable News that delivering mail doesn’t get any easier during extreme weather.

“You just have to go in with a positive attitude,” Lyons said. “You know this is your job, so you just go out there with a smile on your face and deliver the mail.”

Lyons’ advice when working in cold weather is to dress warm and keep moving. “The more you move, the warmer you’ll stay,” she said.

Dressing in layers also helps, Omaha, NE, Letter Carrier Nolan Valencia told KMTV. “Throw on the long johns and anything that keeps you warm. The mail must go through,” he said.

Rochester, NY, Letter Carrier Joe Scalise was equally pragmatic in another Time Warner segment.

“It’s an eight-hour day no matter how you look at it,” Scalise said.

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