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Behind the scenes

USPS employees talk returns

A scene from the behind-the-scenes video.
A scene from the behind-the-scenes video.

A new video goes behind the scenes of the latest USPS commercial, with carriers explaining how easy it is to return holiday gifts using Click-N-Ship and Free Package Pickup.

They also share what it means to be a carrier.

“My favorite part of this spot is that it just uncovers a ‘no-duh’ moment, where you realize our carriers are at every single household and business almost every single day,” says Brand Marketing Executive Director Betty Su. “So why not pick up returns for our customers?”

The behind-the-scenes video can be viewed on the USPS YouTube channel. Some employees may be unable to stream video from external sites on postal computers.

You can learn more about USPS ads and marketing campaigns at the Brand Marketing site on Blue.

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