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When it’s cold outside

Dress in layers for winter


With colder temperatures and snow arriving across the nation, it’s important to remember to dress warmly when working or playing outside.

The best way to dress for winter? Dress in layers.

Each layer provides insulation and acts as a barrier from the cold to help retain body heat. Avoid pure cotton, linen, or similar materials because they retain moisture and can cause you to become colder.

Adding a knit sweater or sweatshirt, and waterproof or water-resistant top coat, hat and shoes will help ensure you stay warm and dry.

USPS has prepared a stand-up talk on the importance of layering, staying dry and protecting your extremities during inclement weather. USPS also has released a poster containing Tips to Prevent Cold Stress.

Employees should always dress appropriately for the weather and notify supervisors immediately if they experience any weather-related issues.

USPS also encourages customers to help carriers deliver the mail during the winter months by maintaining a clear path to the mailbox — including steps, porches and walkways.

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