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‘A strong Postal Service’

PMG lauds employees, looks toward the future

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PMG Pat Donahoe addresses reporters at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The Postal Service has worked aggressively in recent years to meet the nation’s changing needs, PMG Pat Donahoe told reporters Jan. 6.

“We made a lot of tough decisions that were based on a long-term view of what was right for the organization,” the PMG said in one of his final speeches before his retirement Feb. 1.

USPS has streamlined operations, boosted its package business and improved core offerings such as Priority Mail. These changes helped the organization earn $1.4 billion in controllable income profit during the most recent fiscal year, its best performance in six years.

If Congress gives USPS more flexibility, the organization can continue needed improvements, the PMG said.

“America needs a strong Postal Service. It needs a Postal Service with a business model that is profitable over the long-term so that it can continually invest in the future.”

The PMG also praised employees, including their performance during the holiday season. USPS delivered a record 524 million packages in December, up 18 percent from one year earlier.

“That’s a testament to … employees who are highly dedicated to their public service mission,” Donahoe said.

Additionally, the PMG praised his successor, COO Megan Brennan. “She’s been vital to our recent successes and will do a great job of leading the organization in the coming years,” he said.

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