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Nick of time

A touchdown for Michigan employees

Passport found
Ramadan Ahmeti, right, and CMU recruiter Ben Presnell sent this photo to Lansing Customer Services Supervisor Kathi Rajewski as thanks for recovering Ahmeti’s passport.

Thanks to the efforts of Michigan employees, Central Michigan University football player Ramadan Ahmeti was able to play in the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl game Christmas Eve as scheduled.

Ahmeti, a starting left tackle, wasn’t able to go with his teammates when they left for the game Dec. 20 because his passport hadn’t arrived in the mail.

The player provided information on the mailpiece to Lansing Customer Services Supervisor Kathi Rajewski, which prompted an intensive search at the Lansing P&DC and a series of emails and phone calls to the Detroit NDC to help find the item.

The passport was located and Ahmeti was able to join his team in time for the game.

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